Aug. 18, 2020

WARMINSTER – Warwick Township will receive a Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) grant to repair the stormwater system in the Heritage Creek Community, Rep. Meghan Schroeder (R-Bucks) announced this week.

“On behalf of our community, I am thankful to receive such a generous grant that will fund a much-needed stormwater repair project to protect our residents" Schroeder said.

The Heritage Creek Community has received more than $187,000 from the Small Water and Sewer Grant Program to address a damaged stormwater system.

The money will repair leaking joints and lifting holes in existing stormwater pipes with grout, blocking ground water infiltration into the pipes and preventing further sinkhole depressions. This project will correct the dangerous depressions already formed by the stormwater pipe leakage that compromise the stability of roads in the community.

“I am so proud to have worked with Representative Schroeder to secure this $187,000 grant for Warwick Township. This critical funding comes from the Pennsylvania Small Water and Sewer Program. With these funds, Warwick Township will help improve the existing storm water infrastructure which is in desperate need of repair due to holes and leaking joints. Representative Schroeder is a fierce supporter of her community, I look forward to working together with her in order to continue to bring more grant money back to the district where it is so desperately needed,” Tomlinson said.

The H20 PA program, administered by the CFA, provides single-year and multi-year grants for the construction of drinking water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer projects; the construction or renovation of flood control projects; and the repair or rehabilitation of high-hazard unsafe dams.

Representative Meghan Schroeder
29th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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